The Manners Academy Program Starting Soon!

Our dogs should bring us comfort in a stressful world.

But often our dogs are adding to our stress.

I want to help you to enjoy your life with your dog and not feel so stressed.

Even frustrated because despite going over things many times our dogs still choose to do the wrong things.

Sometimes sad because the choices our dogs make are not nice. 

And scared... because what if we really have a bad dog? What if our dog will hurt someone?

Not only can I help you and your dog, but I can teach you simple ways to help your dog make better choices. So you can stop worrying, feeling sad, frustrated and scared because you understand what your dog needs and what to do in even the most stressful situations!

If you need help, fill in the application so you can be sure to get one of the 4 spaces in our next class starting soon!

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