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Life is Just Better With an Obedient Dog!

Hey there & welcome! You’re probably here because you’re struggling with your dog’s behaviour and you don’t know what to do.

You’re probably here because you’re struggling with your dog’s behaviour and you don’t know what to do.

I know how frustrating, embarassing and stressful it can be when your dog isn’t behaving the way you see other dogs behave.

That’s why I’m here. I want to help you enjoy your life with your dog like you imagined when you brought your dog home!

I don’t want you to feel like that anymore. Life with an obedient dog is amazing. And you can have that!

I've got a range of resources ready for you to help you with your dog's behaviour! I definitely recommend you start with the 3 Games Training:

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3 Games Every Dog Should Know


Grab my FREE 3 Games Every Dog Should Know that can help you teach your dog to:

  • Focus on you
  • Leave it
  • Come when you call

7 Day Essential Skills Challenge!

Ever wondered what dog trainers do with their dogs to teach them important skills?

I've broken my favourite skills down into games you can teach your dog over the next 7 days! I believe in working smarter, not harder... and here's how I do it... and you can too!

The Super Puppy Program!

The most common thing I hear when clients ring me about their dog's problem behaviours is "but they went to puppy class".

Why? Because there's more to puppy raising than puppy class. And... here's a secret... I'm about about to commit dog trainer treason by telling you the truth about puppy raising...

You need to do things that are way more important than 4 puppy classes! In fact, you can skip those classes altogether if you follow what I teach in this program! And that's why I created this program.... wanna know more? Click on learn more (sorry to state the obvious).

PODCAST: Thinking Outside the Dogbox

Eaves drop on dog trainers discussions as well as get the latest insights from Luzelle the Dog Trainer!

Who will benefit from this podcast? Pet parents who want to make their dogs' lives better & dog geeks who want to think outside the dog box! #becauselifeisjustbetterwithanobedientdog

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