Need help with your dog?  Tell us about the challenges you're having here! And we'll get in touch!

Good Dogs Have More Fun!

Hey, I'm Luzelle the Dog Trainer and along with my trusty sidekick Raven we help the people of Taranaki, New Zealand with their excitable, worried and barky pups!

Yes, I can help you, even if your dog is reactive, aggressive, embarrassing or even if your pup is just being a pain in the backside pulling on leash and not coming when called!

Because I know that when you first got your dog this is NOT the life you imagined you'd have now. You probably imagined going to the beach together, taking your dog on holiday and not thinking twice to grab a coffee at the local cafe. 

I once was where you are, you see none of us are born dog trainers - but it's absolutely something we can all learn! And I know how amazing life can be with an obedient dog!

I want to help you make the vision you had when you first got your dog a reality. Your reality! 

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Tell me how I can help you!

I'd love to help you enjoy your dog more!

So, let me know what's happening, so I can help you and your dog enjoy your lives more together!

I know you love your dog. Because only good dog owners get help for their dogs, so if you're here then you're a good dog owner!

So, let's chat!

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